Anal Pap smears are available, and though they're mostly used for gay men, women can have them too. Be sure you have an HPV test along with your regular Pap.

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Gonorrhea can also infect your anus if you have anal sex, or you may spread the infection to your anus from.

What are gonorrhea symptoms in women?

29 Oct 2018.

The Desperate Housewives star isn't the first leading lady diagnosed with the disease. In 2006, Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with anal cancer.

Remember that these anal cancer stories and the treatments described below are those of individual thrivers and may not reflect your experiences and treatment.


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Although this is not major surgery there may be considerable swelling and bruising around the anus. It is advisable that women who would like to have children.

The anal canal is the final segment of the gastrointestinal tract, extending between the rectum and the anus. It has an important role in defecation and.

21 Oct 2019.

Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published in 2016, found that 42% of men and 36% of women have tried anal sex.